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How to create captivating Instagram Story collages

Hello, my lovelies!

In this post, we will cover:

  • Apps to create collages

  • Using pictures as stickers

  • Clickable collage “See post” / ”Watch Reels”

Apps to create collages

You can create collages either within the same story screen by adding pictures and stickers or use an external app, export it and upload it to your Instagram stories as you would do with another picture.

I personally use Canva online (free version) for more elaborated designs and Instagram/personal stickers for quicker and easier compositions.

There must be more than twenty apps to create collages and eye-catching stories out there! Some of them are Nichi, Unfold, Storyluxe, InShot, Made, Adobe Spark, Mojo, Tezza.

Using pictures as stickers

If you already have a picture on your phone that would like to overlap to a post, video or design on your stories, you have two easy options:

  1. Go to the album where you have the picture stored and copy it to your phone clipboard. When you come back to your Instagram Story screen, the option “Add sticker” will pop up, allowing you to add the picture copied.

  2. Click the upper menu sticker button and select the photo feature. This will bring you your recent album from where you can select any picture you want.

Pro tips

  • Create or download PNG images with transparent background.

  • Create an album called “Stickers” to access your PNG images easily.

  • Keep a cohesive aesthetic

  • Be creative and original!

Some ideas to spice up your collage stories:

Washi tape, picture frames, collage letters, scrap paper, flowers, mushrooms, birds, books.

Check the Freebies section to download some free watercolour stickers!

Clickable collage “See post” / ”Watch Reels”

And now, the most requested question of all! How do you manage to click the post on a collage story? Is there a hole in your collage? No holes, no trick, this is just the way Instagram works (for most of us!*).

Once you share a post from your or someone else’s feed and add a picture (collage or not) on top, the link “See Post” or “Watch Reels” will still be available and visible.

*Instagram was considering removing the ability to share feed posts, and during that trial, many links were not visible. However, I haven’t experience the same again.

I hope these tips help you to create the most magical stories! Feel free to tag me or share with me your stories via DM! I would love to see them!

I wish you a magical and wonderful day!

With love,


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