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Indoora World Announcement, a dream that came true.

It’s very early in the morning, I made some chamomile tea, took a quick peek out of the window and sat down at the kitchen table. The dark sky is turning slowly blue while the soothing chirping of the birds become fainter as I put on my headphones and hit play on a Jane Austen inspired playlist.

I am not sure if it is because of the dramatic music but my heart is beating so fast right now! I am so excited and motivated, but I am also terrified! I’ve never worked on such a big personal project before! Not even moving to a different continent (twice!) seemed to be as scary as this is… BUT, if you are reading this, it means I did it, WE DID IT!

This wouldn’t have been possible without all of you! So THANK YOU for your support and love on Instagram during the last year. You believed in me before I could do it myself.

So, without further ado... hello, my lovelies! Welcome to Indoora World!

Indoora World is a vast universe of possibilities for nostalgia lovers and daydreamers, where everyone can find something to make their day a bit more magical! Visitors can simply enjoy Indoora World free content and freebies, buy products and services, join the Indoora Academy or even go one step further and become a financial supporter while joining a kindred spirits community in Patreon.

I like to imagine Indoora World as a fairy tale village. Whether you prefer to go straight to the market, visit the library or enrol in school, or spend some time reading and relaxing in the gardens, I am truly delighted to have you here!

There is plenty of information on the Homepage and the FAQs section. There is even a map of our fairy tale world!

I hope you enjoy the content and that you feel at home!

I wish you a magical and wonderful day!

With love,


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