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Indoora World Mobile Presets
for Adobe Lightroom

Indoora World presets are inspired by vintage stories and the seasons. Each preset was created to add a hint of nostalgia to your pictures. They are best suited for objects or landscape photography rather than portraits.


Presets are a great and quick first step to achieve the perfect look. I use the “Indoora World Original Preset” to start the edition of all my pictures and adjust them within Lightroom Mobile (free app) according to the photo lighting conditions. 



Please read the information below before purchasing. 

  • All presets are developed for Lightroom Mobile only.

  • Due to the digital nature of this product, purchases are nonrefundable.

  • Check the description of each preset to select the ones that may work better for your photography.

Presets are a useful tool, but they can both provide a “one-click” perfect edition or destroy a picture in seconds. Presets are not magic and their workability depends on several factors that should be considered while taking the picture: lighting conditions, shadows, angles and camera setting. Presets are developed for particular photography conditions so the finishing effect can’t work the same way on different pictures. For example, there are presets ideal for outdoor photography while others may work better for indoor photography or even particular materials and colours. 

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2 Sunflower.png
Indoora World Original Preset

The official earthy tones from Indoora World! This preset gives a vintage look while bathing the picture in a gentle layer of creamy tint. 


Ideal for indoor photography and flowers but can work well for landscapes and portraits.


Suggested adjustments: start by correcting the exposure to fit the brightness of your photo. You can try toning down the temperature to lower the beige tones a bit. Play around with the grain effect to improve the final result. 

Find more examples of this preset on Instagram.

Autumn Hug
Autumn Hug
Tiny Bundle

This bundle includes 3 presets ideal for indoor compositions, although it can work well with autumn outdoor photography. It focuses on warm vintage aesthetics, enhancing the brown and orange tones. It is inspired by a cosy wooden cottage during autumn and works fantastic on yellow flowers and pumpkins!

Afternoon Thoughts

Bright Morning

Pumpkin Dreams

Winter in th cottage