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Cottagecore Outfits 🧶 Sustainable & Slow Fashion

When thinking about outfits and fashion, it is very common to think about fashion trends. Social media and advertising show us seasonal collections that vary according to trends rather than seasonal clothing that adapts to weather and seasons.

But if we choose our clothes based on our taste and ethical reasons, there is no need to change our outfits year after year.

Sustainable fashion involves not only the use of fabrics with little impact on the environment and its life span but also addresses other important aspects of the fashion industry, like child labour, safe working conditions, fair wages, chemical treatment and consumption of energy and water.

The environmental and social impact of fashion depends on our choices as consumers. Before buying a new garment, take some minutes to think about where it is coming from, the materials and if you really need it.

Even though in the long run, slow fashion products last much longer, guaranteeing sustainable production implies higher costs, which translates into higher prices for consumers. Buying in second-hand stores and charity shops is also a great option to avoid the negative impact of fashion manufacturing.

Have you tried to enhance your garments by embroidering them or maybe even sewing or knitting your own clothes?

Cottagecore Outfits


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