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The Cottage Library

The Cottage Library, my channel, is a collection of heartwarming fictional videos inspired by my favourite vintage aesthetics —Cottagecore, Light Academia, and Hobbitcore, to name a few. These videos bring my stories to life, creating a cosy, immersive experience for my viewers.

I create videos to entertain, comfort, inspire, and spread a message of kindness. With a few exceptions, my videos are fictional stories set in imaginary locations. As a fan of fashion and aesthetics from past eras, most of my videos are set in previous centuries. However, my characters always embody a more tolerant, progressive, and inclusive approach to life.

Have you ever wondered who the characters behind my stories are or if, perhaps, they know each other?


The Dandelion Pact

Follow Winifred on this fascinating story about kindness, uniqueness and true friendship.

Tulipberry Cottage
Tulipberry Cottage

Every season has a story. But summers in Meadowgrass Village outshine any other story you may have heard.

Other Videos

Green Gables Tea Party
The Cottage Library

A playlist of cosy and comforting videos. Ambience, ASMR and other stories.


A collection of vintage winter videos with whimsical and Christmas vibes.

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