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Behind the Cottagecore Cosy Stories - Realms & Characters in Indoora World

Hello, dear readers,

Have you ever wondered who the characters behind my stories are or if, perhaps, they know each other?

Gather around, for today we will explore the connections that bind the tales of my videos together.


First off, let’s start with a brief introduction to the channel and the stories featured so far.

The Cottage Library, my channel, is a collection of cosy stories, created to entertain, comfort, inspire and spread a message of kindness. Except for a few, all my videos are made-up stories, set in fictional places and almost always in previous centuries.

You can always find details about the stories in the description of each video. For those uploaded as a series, additional information can be found on my website.

The stories featured so far

Here's a quick overview of the stories I have shared on my channel. All the videos are linked in a list at the end of this post.

Indoora World Cottagecore Stories
Indoora World - The Cottage Library | Cosy Stories

Realms and Timelines

The stories unfold across two distinct realms: the real world and a fictional world.

Even when cities, towns or landscapes described are not real, the stories set in the real world —such as The Dandelion Pact, Amelia’s Tea Service and The Vintage Shopkeeper— are supposed to be located in the United Kindom, more specifically between England and Scotland.

On the other hand, the fictional world, despite lacking magical elements or creatures usually present in fantasy realms, is a less urbanised and, perhaps, idealised version of the real world.

The stories set in the real world try to be historically accurate and include references to real events, literature or social movements; whereas the ones set in the fictional world describe their own systems, traditions, geography and events.

While the stories of the real world are set in the 20th century (1900s-1970s), the ones which belong to the fictional world took place several centuries ago. However, I like to think of them as atemporal. Jumping back and forth in time or including several timelines within a story are recurrent literary devices that I enjoy quite a lot, so make sure to pay attention to the different substories and characters.

Indoora World Cottagecore Stories


Although they might appear as separate stories there are several connections between them. The tales that belong to the real world are not related to the ones set in the fictional world, however, elements from the latter may manifest as literature or folklore within the former, for example, a character from the real world reading a fairy tale set in the fictional world.

The real world

The most elaborate story set in the real world is The Dandelion Pact, which includes two timelines: the early 1900s and 1970s. Without giving away too many details for those who might not have watched it yet, in The Dandelion Pact a group of people have something in common that unites them. We get to know several of them by name, but as time goes by, we simply learn that their group has grown and therefore, we can assume that anyone with similar characteristics/behaviour could have been a part too. Eloise Hampton, from the Vintage Shopkeeper, and Tara’s grandmother, from The Magical Wish Jar, were part of the group too. In Amelia’s Tea Service, we learn that Amelia befriended Bonnie, The Dandelion Pact, who told her wonderful anecdotes about Aunt Florence.

The fictional World

Central to the fictional world is Tulipberry Cottage, which is connected to Mrs. Warmwood's Forest Cabin, The Woodland Tea Room, and Bella Brook's Tavern through the lives and relationships of their characters.

Indoora World Cottagecore Stories Map of Fictional Places

Our first stop is Meadowgrass Village. For those who never heard of it, Meadowgrass Village is a picturesque village known for its majestic summer events, lively festivals, and strong connection to nature. If you have heard about it, then you probably know that one of the most famous places there is Tulipberry Cottage, home to the esteemed Lady Freesia Forestwish, our main character. Meadowgrass’ neighbouring regions are the Lands of the Anamachs, Acornfield, Quiet Pond, Nordloch and Silent Lake.

To help you remember, Lady Freesia, a renowned herbalist with a heart as vast as the meadows she tends to, receives an unexpected letter from the House of Asterlance, and leaves for Nordloch where her services are requested. This sets into motion a chain of events that result in the arrival of new characters.

Let's continue our adventure with a visit to The Woodland Tea Room, a cosy establishment hidden in a forest glade between Acornfield and Quiet Pond. Here, we met Willow Whisperleaf and Rowena Thistlewood. Willow, a homebody passionate about crafting and baking finds her perfect counterpart in Rowena, an artist who thrives in the great outdoors. Willow and Rowena met at Tulipberry Cottage, but how?

The connections run deeper still for it was Bella Brook, the owner of the Tavern of Hope in Acornfield, the reason for this union. Bella shares a bond with Rowena that stretches back to their teenage years in Meadowgrass Village. Their serendipitous encounter sparks a friendship that will result in Rowena moving from Acornfield to Meadowgrass and becoming Lady Freesia’s apprentice.

Willow, another resident of Meadowgrass Village, is a frequent visitor of Tulipberry Cottage and finds in Rowena and Bella two kindred spirits. The three girls dream of moving out of Meadowgrass to quieter areas. The elderly Mrs Warmwood —the gentle soul who resided in a forest cabin— knew this wish since she used to spend plenty of time at Tulipberry Cottage too. As a token of her friendship with Lady Freesia and fondness for Rowena, Mrs Warmwood bequeaths her house to Rowena to continue her legacy in the forest.

I hope you have enjoyed this reading and that you come back to visit these characters very soon!

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Silent Lake Village Winter Fairytale (2 parts)

Tulipberry Cottage (6 episodes)

The Vintage Shopkeeper (2 parts)

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Thank you for reading!

With love,



Mar 30

Fue interesante, pensé que la señora Warmwood no tenía conexión con Tulipberry Cottage, pero fue increíble! Me encantan todas las historias 🪻🧺

Apr 02
Replying to

Ay qué alegría me da! Me hace mucha ilusión conectar a los personajes aun sin dar indicios sobre ello :) Muchas gracias por tu apoyo! 💛

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