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The Dandelion Pact

Season 3:  Winter

Episode List


Indoora World

Good News, Bad News
After spending the holiday season apart from each other, Winifred and Chloe exchange letters about their news. While formalities delay Chloe's moving to Bermothill, news about the Order and its new members moves quite fast. 


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The Night of the Winter Lady
The friendship between Winifred and Chloe grows stronger each day, proving that, like their grandmothers, they are kindred spirits. With Robin Johnson’s letter and the information Winifred gets from her school, the pieces of the puzzle suddenly start to fit together and the girls are very close to learning everything about Sinclair House. 


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Spices, Oranges and a Boy Named James Clarke
While Winifred and Chloe exchange letters about Chloe’s plans, they look forward to their afternoon together and eagerly await their meeting with Robin Johnson. During the coldest days, Winifred enjoys the heartwarming stories about the way her grandparents met. Could these darling stories be an omen of oncoming love?



A Chance to Meet Him
Page after page, her grandmother's stories inspire Winifred to be a better person and to fight for her dreams. In the same spirit, she encourages Chloe and promises to be there for her in everything that's to come. Except for one thing, the upcoming festival at Robin Johnson’s farm.



The Two Sides
After coming back from the farm festival, Chloe cannot wait to tell Winifred everything she learnt about the Order, Sinclair House and the handsome Robin Johnson.



The Paper Flower
The forthcoming visit to Sinclair House makes Winifred just as excited as it does pensive. As she rereads the anecdotes about her grandparents and imagines what being at Aunt Florence's house would feel like, she cannot help but reflect on what the future holds for her and her friend Chloe. 


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Professor Graham
While things are getting sorted out for Chloe, Winifred faces new challenges. But despite the complications, the girls are grateful for everything that has been happening to them. Could an unexpected offer bring Winifred the breath of fresh air she was unknowingly longing for?

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