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The Dandelion Pact

Season 4:  Spring

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Winds of change
Winifred and Chloe count down the days until Chloe's move to Bermothill. The new winds of spring bring these two friends a lot of motivation and enthusiasm for their new projects and challenges. And with each new step, they get closer to their long-awaited partaking in the Order of Wild Flowers.

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Words from the heart
As Winifred is determined to overcome her insecurities and fears, everything around her seems to be working out perfectly. While she starts a new journal and is eager to fill it in with extraordinary anecdotes and precious moments, she decides it is also time to return to writing her novels.




Time for announcements
Although spring has kept the girls busy and sometimes apart, their unique friendship has grown stronger. While Chloe visits New Valley, Winifred looks forward to spending more time among new friends and faces. Little by little, their grief is transformed into sweet memories by the cheerful stories of their grandmothers in their young years and the belongings that they left the girls.



The Green Folk Gathering
The new generation wants to recreate the magic and splendour that originally characterized the Order’s celebrations. Winifred shares her grandmother's journal anecdotes with the Green Folk and eagerly awaits to attend her first Spring Gathering with Chloe.



Until next time!
Winifred has resumed writing and is working on her first novel, which is set in the 1800s. Her new friend Ian is very interested in her work and offers to help. An upcoming mutual event will be their opportunity to start sharing ideas.


Purple Flower

Come what may
While Chloe enjoys the last bits of quietness, her plans to open the tea room are about to become a reality. The girls look forward to everything that is yet to come, but an unexpected piece of advice from Chloe might leave Winifred reflecting on fate and her future. 



Finding balance
A courageous and more confident Winifred reflects on her life and the importance of her actions. She is fully focused on her novel, her new journal and helping Chloe with the tea room preparations but, deep down, she knows that her adventurous future holds much more than that.

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