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The Dandelion Pact

Season 1:  Summer

Episode List


cottagecore series

The Box
On a summer’s day in August 1976, Winifred Clarke plans to enjoy her free time out in the countryside, baking a pie and drinking a pleasant cup of tea, without knowing that her life is about to change forever. 
An unexpected gift delivered to her door will fill her summer days with both happiness and mystery, and will open the door to a question: was her grandmother who she really thought she was?


cottagecore series

A Meaningful Life
After receiving the box from the elderly Rose Harrison, Winifred spends her days completely immersed in her grandmother's diary, fascinated by the beauty of every word and trying to find the answers to her questions. What is the dandelion pact? Who was Aunt Florence? Why was she the one chosen to receive her grandmother's belongings? 



In our Hearts
A comforting letter from Rose arrives but leaves the curious Winifred even more puzzled. The answers to her questions might be scattered among several pages and stories which remind Winifred of the strength of a friendship, something she’s never had. Finding solace in the anecdotes her grandmother wrote in 1909, an intrigued Winifred becomes very fond of Aunt Florence’s unconventional ways and decides to write their story. 



A Gift For The Soul
Winifred wants to return Rose's kindness so she searches through her grandmother's recipes. She sends the elder the same biscuits she used to receive as a child. In doing so, Winifred learns more and more about their inspiring friendship and life philosophy that will fill the pages of her story. 



The Women in the Book
When Winifred finds a ripped-off page that came from her grandmother's diary, it becomes clear that the extraordinary Aunt Florence wasn’t acting alone. A book full of portraits and rituals written by a group of women united by their singularity might hide the answers Winifred is looking for. But how can she figure it out without asking Rose to break her pact?



They Are Together Now
When an unexpected letter brings Winifred sad news, elderly Rose's secret plan begins to work. Introverted Chloe Harrison follows her grandmother's last wish and lets Winifred know about another box hidden in Bermothill. Winifred confronts her shyness and invites Chloe over for tea.



Soulmates Always Find Each Other
As the last of summer gives way to the captivating colours of autumn, Winifred gets ready to host Chloe for their first tea together. Chloe brings a new box and, with it, many more questions and clues but, above all, a future of beautiful moments together.

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