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Season 2

The Dandelion Pact

Season 2:  Autumn

Episode List



The Dandelion Pact
After Chloe brings Winifred a new journal and letters, she finally learns what The Dandelion Pact was. She can't wait to find out more about it and has a hunch she's already part of a story that isn't over yet.



In Search of New Clues
Winifred is extremely inspired by the way her grandmother, Rose and Aunt Florence used to embrace nature and the seasons. And her curiosity about the Order is as strong as her motivation. She decides to write to Chloe about it and suggests placing a discreet announcement in the Bermothill newspaper.



The End of the Harvest Season Supper
In dark dresses and evergreen crowns Winifred and Chloe celebrate the end of October as their grandmothers once did. An exquisite and abundant banquet and the cheerful melodies of Chloe’s violin will always be an unforgettable memory, but Aunt Florence’s lessons on gratitude and kindness are what Winifred will treasure the most. 



Robin Johnson
As Winifred immerses herself in her grandmother's reflections on her own future, a letter from Chloe brings promising news. Winifred wants to remain discreet but cannot resist the idea of finding out more about the Order. For the sweet Chloe however, it’s not all roses. Dealing with an insensitive materialistic mother and an extremely busy father hasn’t been easy, but Rose's actions continue to bring her comfort and hope even after her passing.



The Secret to Happiness
Emma's diary has not only kept Winifred company, but it has also taught her life lessons, a gift that she will share with her friend Chloe by writing her a book about their grandmothers' story. Savouring the misty days of November she gets ready to welcome Chloe again and share the joy of cold slow days together.



Granny Rose’s Flower
Winifred can barely wait for Chloe to come over and converse about all the news she wrote in her last letter, the clues from Robin Johnson and her wishes to change jobs and move out. But their afternoon tea takes an unexpected turn when they read together a letter found in Rose's house.



Aunt Florence's offer
An offer from Aunt Florence to little Rose and Emma changed their lives, just as the news about Chloe moving to Bermothill would change Winifred's. As the frosty days arrived, Emma's wishes to live with Rose at Aunt Florence's, start college, be a writer, and see James Clarke again were about to come true. After all these years, her story and wisdom continue to inspire. Winifred and Chloe can hardly contain their excitement, but are they ready for all that is to come?

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