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Meet the character: Chloe Harrison

Life & Work

Chloe was born in Riverbell on June 13, 1953, and is the only child of lawyers Merlin and Elizabeth Harrison. Surrounded by luxuries and expensive toys, Chloe's childhood has always lacked the love and dedication of her busy parents. Seeking solace in storybooks, Chloe would spend long hours in her room or with her nanny hoping that the date to visit her grandmother Rose in Bermothill would come soon.

After finishing her secretarial studies, Chloe began working at her parents' firm, where she struggles every day with the demands of her heartless mother.


Chloe is sweet and kind like her grandmother Rose.

Before meeting Winifred, Chloe was a very lonely person. She spends most of her time in the office and gets along with her colleagues, however, she hasn't managed to strike up a friendly relationship with any of them and she only feels comfortable chatting with Mrs Barker, a 60-year-old lady who delivers fruit every Monday morning.

Even though she is absolutely beautiful, Chloe always lacked self-esteem, mainly because her classmates always made fun of her red hair.

Hobbies & Interests

While she is at home, her favourite hobbies are reading and spending time with her cat. Although her mother disapproves of it, like everything related to her grandmother, Chloe spends part of her free time planting flowers and fruit in the garden.

Whenever she could, Chloe travelled to Bermothill to spend time at Rose's house, where Chloe used to read her favourite stories to Rose, make jam and preserves, and learn about gardening. Chloe always wanted Rose to tell her stories about her life, but her mother had forbidden Rose to fill Chloe's head with "stories of her peculiar lifestyle".

Since Chloe met Winifred, they exchange letters and share plenty of time reading together in Bermothill.

Chloe learnt to play the violin with her grandfather Timothy but only played it when she visited Rose. When she visited Winifred for the End of the Harvest Season Supper, she played it again after a long time and remembered how much she enjoys it.

Chloe loves animals and would love to have a little farm and a greengrocer.

Relevant Family members

Rose Harrison (1895-1976)


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